self destruct mode

Dear Ellen,

I think you are a vile subhuman, and you need to get fucked! I really believe some good sex would take care of the ungodly amount of negative tension you have built up inside of you. I also think you would be better off minding your own damn business. That is the main part of your problem, you spend too much time consumed with what others do and say.

I am so tired of hearing “i am so busy” or “i am in the middle of 3 things right now”, and then you have the nerve to be pissed when someone can’t order your lunch for you, or jump fast enough when you break equipment in the office. You spend the bulk of your day complaining in the office, or on the phone complaining to your peers about your peers. There is truly no winning with you.

You should be ashamed of the way you present yourself too. Always vulgar, always dressed sloppy. Being a proud former hippie, and always talking about doing and selling drugs doesn’t make you look cool to me or anyone, it just makes you look like an old burnout. I would never condemn a person for their choices, but you walk around like it is a badge, and treat me like an ass because I never tried the stuff. THAT WAS MY CHOICE! I also think it is way uncool that you walk around advertising that your daughter is loose. You’re her mother for Christ sake. Why do you walk around gossiping about her like a bitter high school student?

I think you are lazy and useless. I think you are one of the most fake people I have ever met, and I am basing that on a comparison to teenagers that I no longer speak to because they were two faced.

Please do the world a favor find a hole to crawl in, and never come out. The world doesn’t need anymore lazy asshole in it!

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